Our app is available and can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS.

The Parvel-app is used to connect your phone/tablet to one or several Parvel devices.

Use the app to monitor your baby's sleep and receive alerts as soon as anything happens.


Parvel GO is a motion & temperature monitor designed for outdoor use. Its compact format makes it easy to bring and use anywhere. It is just the device. No cords or power adaptors to keep track of.

Parvel GO suits the parent that spends a lot of time outdoors and is looking for a small, mobile monitor that doesn't need charging.


Monitor your child's sleep with the built-in microphone and camera. Connect directly to your phone/tablet via WiFi or mobile network for unlimited range. 

Parvel GROW suits the parent that wants to be able to monitor their babies with audio and video but also parents of older children that want to be able to track and call them.

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