5x5 cm loaded with technology

Parvel GROW is, just as it's predecessor Parvel GO a small and portable unit designed to make your life as a parent a whole lot easier.


Parvel GROW is equipped with a microphone and SD camera and monitors your child's sleep through audio and video. It also has built in speakers enabling talk-back or even the possibility to play back soothing white noise* helping your baby to fall asleep. 

Parvel GROW connects to your smart phone using our app where you will receive alerts and notifications as soon as anything happens.


Parvel GROW is also 100% compatible with Parvel GO. Used in combination you will benefit from the safety of all the sensore combined. All in one app. 

Parvel GROW is currently sold out and is expected to become available again in January 2020.

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Parvel GROW is currently sold out :(


Audio & Video




Place and receive calls


Connect to your phone


Technical specification

Parvel GROW is currently sold out :(